In a previous blog post, we discussed the difference between data security and data misuse and why we expect more incidents of large scale data misuse in the coming years. Even as risks of data misuse grow, there is often tension within the enterprise between business owners desiring to use their data to innovate and legal teams attempting to minimize data usage risk. This can result in the underutilization of data, and thus missed business opportunities, or in the use of data without the proper controls in place, thus exposing enterprises to regulatory fines and customer outrage. This white paper examines this tension and shows how companies can optimally use their data to innovate. Some of the questions answered in this white paper include:

  1. How do companies currently protect against data misuse?
  2. What are the shortcomings of current approaches?
  3. What is needed to allow companies to maximize the value of their data without risking data misuse?
  4. How is TrustLayers helping companies innovate with with their data?

Download the white paper here and contact us at for more information about how you too can innovate, with confidence.