Privacy in the Big Data era emerged as an even bigger topic at this year’s South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) last week. We’re just catching our breath from the event but wanted to share our thoughts about how organizations and apps need to hold themselves accountable for their Big Data practices.

Our Co-Founder, Danny Weitzner, participated in the CSMPasscode at SXSW, a fascinating series of events on security and privacy in the digital age. You won’t be surprised to find panels and events relating to security and privacy were big draws for the more than 30,000 attendees—including four events hosted by Passcode.

Danny Weitzner from UT Center for Identity on Vimeo.

Danny covered the need to take full advantage of Big Data while putting mechanisms in place that account for its proper and responsible use. At the heart of the discussion was his Accountable Systems research at MIT and his experience as former Deputy Chief Technology officer of Internet Policy for the Obama administration.


To see how Danny’s research is now used to easily connect a company’s policies to its data, download our white paper here.