In a great post on TechCrunch, Trevor Hughes, President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), calls for privacy and data security to be overseen continuously by one function:

Privacy and data security are efforts that need to be overseen by a designated person and team that is accountable for ensuring data is handled and secured appropriately. It’s an everyday activity, an ongoing and constant vigilance.

How does the “designated person” oversee privacy and data security? With additional staff?  More is needed than just people. To quote one of our customers from last week, “I can’t hire enough data professionals” to do the work that needs to be done. New services and automated tools are needed – a way to capture the privacy and security policies and still link them to the business that needs to get done. Even before the technology goes live, we see our customers getting immediate return from and adopting a new way of thinking about privacy.  Contact us for more details.

Just as Trevor calls for the people aspect to be functioning ‘round the clock, we must ask our tools to do the same: provide a continuous connection between the policies and new uses for the data.