The past few weeks have been tremendous for TrustLayers! Organizations—in the government and private sector—are validating the need for a trusted third party to protect against data misuse daily. Along with companies that engage in big data analytics, the press has also gotten excited about TrustLayers. We have been featured on CNBC and in the New York Times, Guardian, USA Today and Fortune.

There is good reason for this excitement: our Data Use Protection Platform. Read about the platform, how it works, and how customers are using it today on our website and in our data sheet. The concept behind TrustLayers is simple. As data is gathered, stored and analyzed at an exponential pace, controlling who views the data is not enough. To protect against data misuse, we must also know how the data is being used. Did the patient consent to the data being used for research? Did the consumer agree to allow third parties to get access to the number of steps he takes daily? Sensitive data comes with equally sensitive use limitations. If organizations wish to maximize the promise of big data without incurring fines, legal risk, or consumer mistrust, they must be more accountable. That’s where TrustLayers comes in. We make it easy for organizations to implement policies, monitor data activity in real-time, and protect against misuse.

Download the data sheet here and contact us at for more information about how you too can innovate, with confidence.