TrustLayers co-founder and CTO Daniel Weitzner is out with some new tips for how to use Big Data privacy tools.  As Daniel writes, the privacy world “cannot possibly keep up with the scale, scope and velocity of data being processed by today’s large, information-intensive organizations.” What is needed, Daniel writes, is an information accountability system, exactly the type of technology that led to the foundation of TrustLayers.  Daniel offers 4 tips for accountability in a Big Data world:

  1. Common and simple language to create data use rules. Data users and privacy professionals should be able to create and implement rules, without the need for IT support. Changes must also be easy to make and apply automatically to all data. A change in government regulation need not cause major disruptions to the business line owners.
  2. Shared repository of policies and rules that apply to data held across the organization.
  3. Automated, real-time reasoning of data usage against these rules. Manual, point-in-time, procedural audits are not sufficient anymore, no matter how automated the audit reporting might be.
  4. Continuous monitoring and reporting. If privacy adherence exceptions arise, real­-time alerts should be accompanied by an easy-to-understand explanation of why the behavior in question is inappropriate. Privacy professionals should be able to view compliance status at any point in the monitoring.

Full article is here.