Unblock your data.
Innovate with confidence.

As companies generate more value from big data, the natural tendency is to lock up data in order to avoid privacy risk. But it doesn’t have to be that way: TrustLayers enables confident use of personal data, secure in the knowledge that your organization/team is following the rules. So unblock your data and innovate with confidence.

With TrustLayers in place, companies can build new data-driven products and automate data usage guided by their most important policies.  Using TrustLayers’ new privacy intelligence dashboard, organizations define data-use limitations independent of workflow and ever-changing data sources.  This allows any organization to monitor data usage, identify violations, and demonstrate compliance.

Let Consumers Breathe Easier

Yesterday President Obama issued a historic call for a variety of new privacy laws, covering data breach notification, student data privacy protection, and a… READ MORE

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